Holmes Services Offers Video Inspections, Sludge Pumping, and De-Watering

Video inspections — Hydro Sewer in Memphis, TN
Root infiltration in sewer pipe — Hydro Sewer in Memphis, TN
Root infiltration in sewer pipe

Video Inspection Service

Holmes Services has the technology and equipment to inspect the interior of a sewer system and then provide the customer with a videotape. This information is valuable in pinpointing any problems that may exist in the system and can be used to assist in determining the proper course of action needed to prevent future backups. The video inspection system can also be used in estimating the cost you may incur when faced with repairs.

Inspections can be performed on a variety of pipe sizes, from the small connection lines to the large sewer mains. Hydro jetting the system before inspection improves the quality of the video.
Hydraulic Sludge Pump — Hydro Sewer in Memphis, TN

Hydraulic Sludge Pump

A hydraulic, submersible sludge pump is designed to pump trash, liquids, slurries and sludge, and requires no priming. It features a high-torque, hydraulic motor-driven impeller-style pump. It can be used independently for remote applications such as sewer bypassing and industrial waste.

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