What is a Septic Tank? Why are Septic Services Necessary?

Underground Pipes — Septic Services in Memphis, TN
Your septic tank is a tank that is found underground. It collects and decomposes the waste matter from your home or commercial building. This waste matter is decomposed through bacterial action. If the waste in your septic tank contains too much solid, this is a sign of not enough bacteria to break down the waste.

A well-functioning septic tank should be serviced every three to five years, and Holmes Services is in the business of doing just that. If your septic tank seems clogged or not functioning properly, it is important that you contact the experts in septic tank service; call on Holmes Services. Homeowners and commercial clients call us with all their septic problems.
We provide septic tank maintenance by pumping the sludge from the bottom of your tank. This must be done periodically as the sludge accumulates at the bottom. No chemicals can be used to break down this sludge. Holmes Services offers lenzymes to help keep fats, oils, and grease digested. Failure to remove the sludge will eventually cause the tank to overflow in the absorption area, resulting in a complete septic tank breakdown.
Septic Tank Diagram - Septic Services in Memphis, TN
Now you understand how important it is to have your septic tank maintained. When was the last time you had us check your tank?

Our team is dependable and always on time. At Holmes Services your satisfaction is our priority. Call us today to schedule a septic tank inspection and maintenance.