Air-Movers Explained

Pipe of a Machine — Air Movers in Memphis, TN
Air-moving is a vacuuming process by which materials contained in tanks, containers and surface impoundments are loaded by pneumatic conveyance (that is, vacuuming with controlled velocity). The air-mover can convey almost any material that will fit in an eight-inch hose. A few examples of the types of material frequently encountered are bricks, grease and tar, wood chips, heavy sludge found in lift stations, and sewer mains.
The air-mover is much faster than labor and more versatile than using a liquid vacuum truck. The air-mover includes vacuuming material from a considerable distance of up to 700 feet, depending on the weight of the material, and to a depth of 100 feet. This is a more efficient loading time of heavy slurry material, and the need to dilute or slurry the material with water is minimal.